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またもやキースとBoys of Summer



テーマ : 海外ドラマ(欧米) - ジャンル : テレビ・ラジオ

タグ : アメリカTV アメリカン・アイドル






テーマ : 海外ドラマ(欧米) - ジャンル : テレビ・ラジオ

タグ : アメリカTV アメリカン・アイドル


ありがとうkradamantium !

テーマ : 海外ドラマ(欧米) - ジャンル : テレビ・ラジオ

タグ : アメリカTV アメリカン・アイドル クリスバンドライブ クリス2010バスツアー


テーマ : 海外ドラマ(欧米) - ジャンル : テレビ・ラジオ

タグ : アメリカTV アメリカン・アイドル



Kris Allen - Anthology, San Diego (both shows) - 7/25/2010

I've seen Kris many times already, but these two shows combined is the best yet and the most epic in terms of performance and banter and just crazy antics. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about already. Between the two shows, he did 29 songs and just the whole weekend feels like a dream (and not just b/c I blacked out during parts of it).

First Show

My friend and I got there around 6 so we weren't seated too close to the stage and we were off to the side, but the view was still awesome. Food was good, we had a shitload of few cocktails. These minimum food and beverage requirements kill me, I swear. Anyways, Torres' band Grass Heat opened. They were awesome sauce omg. I enjoyed Torres' voice quite a bit and I love their bluesy rock vibe. They have a CD coming out in September. I am so on that shit. Oh and some interesting information: Torres learned the bass a few years ago but was actually a guitar player to begin with and he drinks Coronas on stage. I like him. A lot.

Then Kris came on and proceeded to melt my face off for the next 4-5 hours. It really did just feel like one really long show. He sounded amazing and the acoustics in this venue are just A+. I've heard all the songs he did except two: Don't Look Back in Anger and I Need to Know. DLBIA was fun and I sang along, loudly, but it's not my favorite thing of his. It's a fun cover, but not very original. The fake accent he takes on just cracks me up (seriously, Kris, you're not British wtf lol). He does INTK in the encore and I freaked the fuck out. I was not a big fan of this arrangement when I saw it on video before, but live omg it was like an out of body experience. These girls behind me kept talking tho and I wanted to punch them in the face (nevermind that my drunk ass proceeded to talk through the second show...shuttup).

All in all, a great show. Except the part where Kris threw a guitar pick at my head. I was at least 30-40 feet from the stage, sitting down, so I don't know how that even happened lol. It hurt. I'm suing.

So after the first show ended, everyone proceeded outside to line up for the second show lol. This is when I met Christina at the front of the line and she graciously let me cut her. Thank you, Christina!!!!! She is adorable and super nice :D

Second Show
My friend and I got awesome seats this time. To the right of the stage, but right up front. We got a good view and we were right next to the restroom, which will later prove to be a very very very good thing. So my friend and I had a shitload again of few more cocktails. I might have blacked out during parts of the second show and my friend actually doesn't remember any of it, including Kris calling her old, singing happy bday to her, and coming over to our table to sing to her when he jumped off the stage during a song. I do remember all the epic parts tho so I will share those.

Maybe and BiB made me speechless as always. He did Send Me All Your Angels (first time with the full band, I think) and I fucking loved it. The live arrangement is so so good and it was more moody and emo, almost, and Kris sounded so tortured and just awesome on it. And yes, he did Paranoid Android which everyone freaked out about. It's not a secret I do not like this cover, but I've learned to respect it. The band sounds awesome doing it and it can stay if only because I love watching the crowd freak out over it.

So this is where my night gets fuzzy lmao. My friend was throwing up in the bathroom throughout the second set and managed to get picked up by a girl in the restroom while doing so. She was cute and ended up sitting with us through the second half of the show. I think she cozied up to her b/c we had good seats but she actually asked her for her phone number, so maybe she is interested. Who knew Kris concerts would be the perfect place for picking up people in the restroom. friend's bday is in a few days so I yelled it out during the show, very loudly and repeatedly lol. He asked my friend how old she is (26) and then proceeded to tell her she's old lmao. He did sing her happy birthday tho, which I have on vid.

The show just gets more and more ridiculous from there. As everyone knows, he stops the band in the middle of Is It Over so he can go pee. OMG, what are you, kris allen?!!! It's actually funny because I had gotten up to use the restroom when IIO started so I actually missed him saying "I gotta pee" but the first thing i see when I come out of the restroom is Kris zipping by me and I'm like 'wtf is going on?! where is kris going?!'. and for a tiny guy, he can run really fast. People proceeded to tell me he was headed for the restroom and I laughed my ass off through the rest of the song. He comes back on stage, does a double fist pump, and picks up where he left off. Oh, Kris, please stop making me love you more. Two thoughts went through my mind after the song ended: 'damn, kris can pee really fast; and 'shit, i hope he washed his hands'

I don't know if there is vid of this, but he and ET had a conversation during the set. I actually don't remember the nature of the conversation but I remember laughing a lot lol. if I didn't know better, i swear he was drunk or something that's how ridiculous he was lol. He actually jumped off the stage at one point and started going around the tables and he came to ours and touched my friend and sang to her for like 2 seconds. I was so fucking jealous and she doesn't even remember any of this! smh

So the show ends and we're waiting for the encore. I was expecting FS and CT since he did INTK in the first show encore. But nope. Kris has to shatter all my expectations. He comes out with just him and the guitar. And I'm like freaking out b/c I'm thinking "omg, is this a new song? omg omg omgomg waaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?". and dude, it was magical in there. it was so quiet you can hear a pin drop as he's strumming and picking notes on his guitar. once I realize it's TMYFML, I might have let out an ungodly squeal of delight idek. I don't really remember what embarrassing noises / words came out of my mouth. Or maybe I was just speechless in awe. Just imagine: Kris. Guitar. 5 feet away from me. Singing To Make You Feel My Fucking Love. I died. It was just incredible. if you haven't watched the vids, do it now. It was seriously magical.

He then proceeds to melt me further by doing FS and CT and I am just besotted. Marry me, Kris. Please?

The rest of the night gets a little crazy for me lol. People line up to meet him after the show but my friend and I were in no condition to meet him. I didn't want my friend to throw up all over him. Altho that might have forced him to take off his shirt...hmmm....

Anyways, so I grab my friend and we leave but we get lost trying to find our car and ended up walking in circles and back at the front of the venue, where kris' bus is parked. I decide to stay there to maybe catch the band and kris leaving, but my drunk ass friend starts molesting the furniture of the venue and one of the waitresses came out to shoo us away. Dammit. Probably for the best, though, since we probably would've just been scary drunks to kris if we attempted to speak to him.

Then I proceeded to get lost trying to find our hotel lol. I couldn't find the freeway omg, but I did see Katy walking towards the bus the fifth time I passed the venue, driving in circles. LOL

I finally find our way back to the hotel and then just passed out on the bed. We were both insanely hungover in the morning and for the rest of the day. FML.

Despite the major hangover and possibly embarrssing myself during the second show, this was a fucking epic weekend and I just want to follow Kris around to go to his shows. He is a fucking animal and I just LOVE watching him on stage. I roll my eyes sometimes when I hear people say 'Kris was born to do this', but the more I see him live the more I really think this is true. He's just a natural on stage and it's obvious he LOVES doing this. I'm just...this recap really doesn't do the show justice. BEST. SHOW. YET.

I will now rewatch all the vids available to see if I can hear myself shouting ungodly things at him. Oh, btw, when I read tweets about this girl who wouldn't shut up when he started TMYFML I freaked out and thought 'oh shit, was that me?!' lol. I checked the vid tho and it is definitely not me. I swear. Seriously. Don't kill me.


Because I am insane and TL;DR and also extremely exhausted, I'm gonna split up the SD recaps for the first and second shows. I fear otherwise that the block of text will become animated and leap out of your computer screens and clobber you over the head. So, really, I'm just thinking about your safety here. All my usual disclaimers apply. If you don't know my usual disclaimers, just assume anything that's out of place or ambiguous or left out has been explained in a disclaimer at some point.

After talking to the band on Thursday, I was kind of ridiculously hyped for the show. (Also? Embarrassed a bit given that we had to answer the question "oh! Which show are you going to?" four times over. Whatever, it was all worth it in the end. Mostly.) And the show kinda ended up living up to all expectation. I guess I just sorta jumped the gun and led with the conclusion. Backing up like yeaaah...

The day started normally enough: watched Queenie rap every word of "The Humpty Dance" (every. single. word), saw a 4' tall Mad Hatter and a few dozen imitation light sabers, and jammed out to five hours of 90s R&B. Basically your average day give or take a couple Klingon costumes. Doors opened at 5:30 and we got to the venue at not all that long after that. The venue was absolutely terrible though. I mean, what? They couldn't fit all 312 of us at one table? How dare they! So we ended up a little split up, which was probably for the best because I think all that flail combined at one table would've ended up throwing the universe backwards in time and that would be no fun because then there would be no more creationism vs. evolution debate. And I couldn't live in such a world. In all seriousness, the venue was absolutely fantastic as I'm sure the tweets have conveyed. It was pretty small and the different stories actually worked well, as pretty much every seat was close to the stage. (The bar area in the back was a little ways away but the sound was still really awesome throughout the entire venue.)

For the first show, we were seated just a few tables back from the stage towards Andrew's side (although the stage was kind of tiny so we were really in the middle). We sat down and were treated to the greatest hits of Sheryl Crow and Seal on the big screen. Thinking back, with that start, how could the night have been anything but epic? Of course this was followed by what I'm pretty sure was a blown-up Youtube video of Taylor Hick aurally assaulting us with his live performance of "Do I Make You Proud" from Idol. Anthology was really pushing the Taylor Hicks thing at us all night. (He's playing a show there for them at some point later that I'm just so crushed I'm not going to be able to see. BRB cutting myself, crying my eyes out, etc.) And Everclear was thrown into the mix somehow. I know, I know what you're all thinking. "Everclear and Taylor Hicks?!? But my oh my, just how ever could Kris follow up those acts?" Well you know what? He did. He somehow managed to take a step and climb that mountain so you can all breathe now, despite how hard that my be to believe.

Alrighty then, so this band called Grass Heat took the stage first. They had this really truly sick lead singer/bass player and I was just thinking to myself, "man, if only Kris's band could get him to replace their sorry ass bass player..." Okay, sorry for the lame rehashed joke but I thought it sort of worked the first time on Twitter and it wouldn't be me if I didn't pound the joke six feet under (and mix up a few metaphors while doing so). For those who aren't in the know, Torres is the lead singer/bass player (odd combo) for the Grass Heat. It was like bizarro world watching them though. First of all, Jesus is in the band. And by Jesus I mean the drummer who looks more like Jesus than Torres does. Already, my mind was shot six ways to Sunday. Torres looked to be the youngest member of the band by a good 15 years, too. Torres was his usual bouncy, sway-y self and had all his usual energy. Their songs were sort of a blues-rock-funk sound that were generally good but went on about two minutes past their "best before" date. They've got one song that sounds a heckuva lot like "Is It Over" but without all the adlibs and the awesome, really. I only mention this because I was tweeting "this song sounds like Is It Over" just as someone else at the table was saying "this song sounds like Is It Over." ... after telling this detail, it was probably one of those things where you had to be there. Pretend those last couple sentences don't exist because you're not getting the twenty seconds of your life back. (Hm. It probably did not take you twenty seconds to read those sentences. I apologize for any inadvertent insults to your reading abilities. You know what? I could have solved all this ridiculousness by just deleting the sentences after I had realized they were less interesting typed out. But then you guys wouldn't get the insight into my warped stream of consciousness. Haha. Trampolines.)

After that, Kris came on and proceeded to blow my mind for the next five hours or so. He kicked off the show with CSA which, I think, is his best opener. (omg SURPRISE! Taks just used "best" to describe CSA! Bet you never saw that one coming. What crazy hijinks will he come up with next?) It's just the sans-instrument stage prowling that elevates the energy level. Kris kept going to the edge of the stage during CSA (and actually throughout both of his sets) and I was pretty sure he was going to fall off at some point. He didn't, much to my disappointment. (We would have to get our cheap laughs in at [literal] bathroom humor, instead.) The intro to Heartless will never not be stunning (eat it, 4th grade English teacher). I think it was at this point that two... older women (I'm not ageist, I just play one on TV) went up to the stage and started dancing. Awkwardly. While everyone was seated because, y'know, we were trying to enjoy the show and have no screws loose. I laughed. Another couple followed their lead and started like slow dancing to Heartless because whenever I hear the newest Kanye jam I just think "darnit, I'm so sad I don't have m'lady with me to dance with." They left during WAOMF after a few people had expressed their opinions on the situation. WAOMF is fun and cool and "sometimes love gets lost in translation yeaaaaah HUH HUH" with accompanying raise-the-roof moves makes for the absolute best sing along ever. You should try it out some time. In fact, go watch a youtube video right now and do it. I promise you, you will be a better person afterward.

Kris praised the San Diego crowd before Red Guitar (a trend that would continue throughout the night). And with good reason, they were awesome. Obviously, everyone was there for Kris so people were feelin' it and the vibe was awesomesauce. I don't really know the right adjectives to use here, but I was pleased with the crowd. And it's all about me in the end.

The stage lighting was good. However, it became GREAT when the like crazy multi-colored spotlights started flying around stage and the wall started lighting up different colors. Not entirely sure what mood it conveyed, but if I had to guess I'd say 70s-disco-with-just-a-splash-of-seizure. (I was a tad distracted by it. Luckily, the crazy spotlight dealie was not a permanent setting.)

Kris did some exaggerated headbanging (well, exaggerated by most people's standards, I'd assume. To me, it seemed a tad tepid) during the sing along portion of AWM. Alright, then he went into "Don't Look Back In Anger" and I actually laughed out loud. So, I sort of loved the soundcheck video we have of that song and have listened to the mp3 a billion times because, um, there's nothing better in life than Kris singing in some messed up faux-British accent. And hearing it on the first few notes of that song live was just awesome. Of course, as with all things Kris, I ended up loving the entire song non-ironically. I don't know if the accent went away or if I got used to it or something entirely different, but yeah, I was rocking out by the end. Uh, next up was SMAYA, another one I hadn't seen before. It was similarly more awesome than I expected. Not a particular fan of the studio version of the song, but I do enjoy the band's arrangement a lot. It's all that and a bag of chips. I'm attempting to recall my thoughts on the song but do not remember it at all. So either it was so amazing that it blew my mind or so boring that I fell asleep. I did not get any linguine on my face last night, so I'm going to assume I didn't fall asleep face first into my dinner and thus that it was not boring. After SMAYA, Kris said... something. Not entirely sure what, but he referenced some sort of video somehow and then said, "and Chris [Daughtry] would see it, too. He's a Youtube watcher. He texted me, 'that performance was great' about a video he'd seen on Youtube."

After Lifetime, a strap on Cale's guitar broke (I think, or like, it fell off his shoulder) and the guitar fell on the ground while Kris was bantering. Kris looked back and asked what happened. Cale had the "uhh woops, THAT DIDNT JUST HAPPEN" look on his face (it's a look, Google it) and told him "nothing happened... Anyone know a joke?" It was a very pitiful distraction attempt. Kris then mentioned something about suing Cale and Cale was all, "the floor caught it!" to which Kris responded, "Thank God the floor was there. The nice, hard floor." It was amusing. MITM & IIO are still amazing. Kris's voice is sick on both of them. I physically cannot stop myself from singing along at the top of my lungs to MITM. Kris can hold notes longer than I can. LLWD is really awesome because, while not everyone there knew all his songs, EVERYONE was singing along to all of LLWD. It's totally awesome to see. People started crowding up the stage at this point and dancing. (The guy behind me suggested that I do the same. I think he was annoyed with my off key singing and anti-rhythmic flailing. Screw you, guy. I'll dance party in my chair if I want to.) At one point during LLWD, Kris went over to the keyboard and starting jamming on it with Cale. I think they were both having a little too much fun.

So Kris and the band leave the stage after LLWD, we're all chilling out waiting for the encore, people are screaming their heads off and I'm sitting back sippin' on my coke thinking about how I'm so cool because I'm like totally ready for this encore and I know what's going down like that. And then Steve (oh speaking of Steve, he was playing guitar during DLBIA behind a curtain) moves Kris's mic over to the keyboard and the lightbulb goes off in my head and the realization that OMG IM ABOUT TO HEAR INTK happens. Aannnnddd he came back and I was dead. Some girl thought it'd be a cool idea to yell "YOU'RE HOT!" just as he was starting and honestly if you had given me a button that I could press that would have ejected her seat into a tank of piranha's I would've pressed it in a second. (But only if I could do so with a button. A lever or combination lock or something would have been too much work.) He sounded amazing and looked so into it and it builds perfectly and I was dying. DYING. Stunned. Dazed. Mouth-agape-looking-like-a-crazy-person. I was so gone that by the time I had realized what was going on he was half way through "Come Together," my hand was in a glass of water and I had "I'm lame" written in Sharpie on my forehead.

Then show #1 was over and I realized THERE WAS AN ENTIRE SET STILL TO COME.

And as such, there's an entire recap still to come.

テーマ : 海外ドラマ(欧米) - ジャンル : テレビ・ラジオ

タグ : アメリカTV アメリカン・アイドル クリスバンドライブ クリス2010バスツアー

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