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Kris Allen to visit Albuquerque on his 25th Birthday インタビュー


Highlights from Kris Allen interview, June, 2010
Kris Allen: Hi, Donna.
Donna Kent: Hey Kris, How are you doing?
K: Oh, pretty good.
D: Well I wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me today.
K: Yeah, absolutely.
D: My name’s Donna Kent and I’m with in Albuquerque.
K: Alright
D: And we are so excited for your upcoming show next week at Sunshine Theater with Green River Ordinance.
K: Me, too.
D: And I understand that June 21, the day that you’ll be here is a pretty special day for you.
K: It is, it’s my birthday.
D: It’s your birthday!
K: Yeah.
D: So how old will you be on Monday?
K: I will be 25.
D: 25, cool, good age.
K: Yeah, I guess. It’s kind of a scary one, though.
D: Is it?
K: I guess. I’m either told that it’s the best age, or that’s when you start thinking wow, I’m starting to get up there.
D: Well you know what is it, quarter of a century.
K: Yeah, it’s a little scary.
D: That’s something. Well, I think it’s a great age. 25, right in that 25 to 30, I think those are some pretty good years.
K: Alright, I’ll take your word for it.
D: Yeah, well good. I mean a lot has changed for you over the last year. You had your birthday, your last birthday, right after winning American Idol, and I think I saw on Twitter that you had a pretty big birthday bash with a lot of people from Idol and stuff there. Is that right?
K: Oh, gosh. Uuumm, yes. I really don’t even remember.
D: You don’t, that’s funny.
K: That’s sad. Why don’t I remember that?
D: Well, I saw some stuff on Twitter, and some of the people were tweeting about the party, and I can’t remember if it was Danny or somebody said, um, Kris says watch for his twitter account it will be coming soon or something like that.
K: I really don’t remember.
D: So it was sort of like the precursor to your twitter days, so that’s kind of exciting.
K: Hmm. Well there we go.
D: There we go. Well since you’re going to be playing here on your birthday, I thought I would ask you a few birthday-themed questions, if that’s OK?
K: absolutely.
D: OK, so, to start, what is your favorite kind of cake?
K: Red velvet.
D: Red velvet. OK. And ice cream cake, yes or no?
K: Heck yes.
D: Heck yes.
K: Yeah.
D: Excellent. And do you prefer fruit filling or frosting in between the layers?
K: Frosting.
D: See, those are the same answers I would have given, I think.
K: Yeah.
D: Yeah, I don’t get those fruit filling people, really.
K: Yeah, that’s kind of, it’s kind of, I mean, I like fruit cake, but it’s like, I don’t want that on my real cake, though.
D: I understand. I get it. Do you have any birthday rituals or like special birthday meals or anything like that that you like to have?
K: Not particularly. No. It’s kind of whatever my mom wants to cook usually.
D: Cool. That works. And do you have any plans this year for your birthday while you’re here in Albuquerque?
K: Not yet anyways, I mean, we got a show that night, so, I have a feeling that it’s gonna be pretty busy.
D: OK. Have you ever been here to Albuquerque before?
K: I’ve driven through. I just actually drove, me and my wife took a drive from LA back to Arkansas so we drove through Albuquerque.
D: OK, so have you ever tried New Mexican food or anything like that?
K: Not really, no.
D: OK, well, you might want to try it while you’re here. I mean, it tends to be, you know our local food tends to be pretty spicy
K: Alright
D: We do a lot with native grown chiles here, red chiles and green chiles. So if you’re at a restaurant and they ask you red or green, that’s what they mean.
K: OK, Cool.
D: Because most people are like, red or green? What?
K: I like spicy stuff so that sounds good.
D: OK, good, well that should work out for you. Speaking of Albuquerque, Mat Kearny is doing a show here this summer and I saw recently in an interview that you had done some work with him.
K: Yeah, we, I flew to Nashville and we wrote a song together. Sadly it did not end up on the album, but he’s such a great guy to work with and a great songwriter. He’s got a great voice, just he’s a good dude. Really is.
D: I’m really super excited to see him. He seems like a really cool guy and I really like his music so I was kind of excited to hear that.
K: His shows are great, too.
D: Are they? I’ve never seen him live.
K: Yeah, his shows are really good.
D: He’s playing at a really tiny little blues club here
K: Nice
D: So it’s gonna be good. Also, talking about who you’ve worked with and stuff, Green River Ordinance, GRO, how has it been touring with those guys?
K: It’s been so much fun. Like those guys have made us have like a great time. They like to have a lot of fun, and so we have a lot of fun together, whether it be playing pranks on each other, or buying each other gifts. We (laughs), we’ve had a good time with those guys.
D: Yeah I was kind of wondering about that. I actually had the opportunity to meet them on the VH1 cruise a few months ago.
D: They performed on there and there was a they seemed like they were that kind of, you know, fun group of guys, so I was kinda curious if you guys had hung out.
K: Oh yeah.
D: Any pranks that you can tell me about? Or not?
K: Um, they like to post pictures on our bus, or in our dressing rooms. Some of them we cannot speak of. Some of them are just gross (laughs) and funny and they have captions that are even funnier, so, it’s just different. And we ended up buying them an etching of this beautiful picture of Jackie Chan.
D: Excellent, OK.
K: Yeah.
D: Sounds like a good time.
K: Yeah.
D: So I think I saw on the tour dates that you’ve only got like two more tour, after Albuquerque I think you have like two Arizona tour dates with them and then I think that’s it. Is that right?
K: I think we’re going pretty much to the end of June with those guys, so yeah.
D: Cool. Alright well sounds like a lot of fun.
K: Mmm hmm.
D: One of the things I noticed is that you have lots of very devoted fans.
K: Yes.
D: And I was curious if they have done anything interesting for you for your birthday.
K: Uh, last year I think they got together like a lot of fans and even people from the show and they compiled this video. And I think it was actually to no boundaries? Was it? Was it to no boundaries? I think it was I think it was to no boundaries and they made this like video and all that it was pretty cool.
D: Cool, have you gotten any sort of unusual birthday gifts or anything like that, either thrown at you, or sent to you?
K: Not, I don’t remember any last year, I mean, maybe I did, but not anything that’s I was like, oh my gosh that’s kinda stuck with me so.
D: Yeah, well I guess that’s probably good. Do you have like a most memorable birthday?
K: Oh, man. Not to my knowledge. I really just have like the worst memory ever, though.
D: Oh, what’s that?
K: My wife actually got me these tickets to Houston to go see a Packer’s game. I’m a big Packer’s fan, so we went and saw a Packer’s game. It was later on in the year but she got me the tickets on my birthday.
D: OK, so that’s like your most memorable birthday.
K: Yes.
D: OK, so what was the terrible memory then?
K: What? What was, I?
D: Didn’t you say you had a terrible memory?
K: I have a horrible memory, like, just me.
D: Oh, you have a horrible memory. I thought you were talking about a specific memory that
K: No, no, no, no. I just have one.
D: I’m the same way, too. When I was thinking about that question, I was like, I don’t think I could answer that question, but, you know, who knows.
K: Yeah
D: Maybe you’ll have something amazing.
K: Yeah.
D: Have you ever had a surprise party thrown for you for your birthday?
K: I don’t think so. I don’t think I’ve ever had a surprise party. I’m not really like a, if you surprised me, I mean it’s, I may get surprised, but I’m not one of those guys that doesn’t like freak out. So surprise parties probably wouldn’t work on me. And I always, I think maybe they’ve tried to do it before and I always found out.
D: Oh, yeah. OK. Alright. Is there anything that you want for your birthday this year?
K: Not, no, I feel like I have way too much stuff, so, no.
D: Yeah it’s kind of a weird year to ask you that, huh?
K: Yeah.
D: You’ve probably gotten so many, you know, of your dreams already this year so it’s sort of hard to say what you might want.
K: Yeah, exactly.
D: Well, one of the things, I had said you have a lot of devoted fans, I received so many questions from your fans to ask you. I wish I could ask you all of them, but there were a few that were recurring so I wanted to get those out there. The most frequently asked question I got was are you going to sing the song From The Ashes during your tour?
K: Probably not. (laughs) I think that that was one that didn’t make the album and maybe somewhere down the road if we, uh, if we run out of material or something, or if we just really want to play that song, but that’s definitely not in the plans right now. Sorry.
D: OK, yeah, well you know it’s funny because I got that question and I’m like, From the Ashes? And I went to my Kris Allen CD and it wasn’t on there.
K: Yeah.
D: And I looked it up and it turned out it’s a bonus track, which I don’t have.
K: Right.
D: So it’s a nice song, I mean, I like the song so it was kind of interesting that everybody wanted to know about that, like that was the number one thing.
K: Yeah.
D: Let’s see the other thing was, oh, the next thing that people wanted to know is, are you working on or are you going to work on a video for The Truth?
K: The video is going to be shot some time in July, I think. So hopefully we’re gonna get that done very soon. And, yeah. Cause we’re pretty busy on tour right now so, that’s the only time that we could fit in for the video, so it will be coming. I promise.
D: OK, awesome, awesome, well people are excited about that. You know there was one person that asked a question that I thought I should throw out there. They said something about your fans are concerned about your bass player. Is your bass player, did something happen to him or is he OK?
K: No, he’s great. Are they concerned about him? No, he’s awesome.
D: They said his fans are very concerned about his bass player. Please ask about his health.
K: Oh, maybe, he might be a little sick maybe?
D: Maybe, well…
K: We’ve all gotten a little sick in the past couple days on the bus, so, I think everyone’s kinda getting over it.
D: OK, but he’s great.
K: Yes, he’s awesome. I think he’s in perfect condition.
D: So are you interested in hearing the weirdest question that I got?
K: Sure.
D: It was, let me see I want to find it so I can tell you who it is. It was from, oh I don’t even know how to say this, but it’s like, I think it’s maybebeebee something like that.
D: And she says, Please ask Kris what brand of facial wash he uses.
K: Facial wash. Usually it’s kind of whatever soap is around.
D: OK, well that works.
K: Yeah.
D: OK, then I was just wondering, I’ve seen that you’ve done hundreds, I don’t know, thousands, tons and tons of interviews over the past year.
K: Mmm hmm.
D: And I was wondering if there is a question that you get that you really wish that people would either stop asking you or never ask you.
K: The one that’s always funny, just because it seems a little obvious, is like, so has your life just been crazy? And it’s like, yeah. (laughs)
D: Yeah (laughs)
K: Just imagine. I mean you win the biggest show in the world and, yeah, your life’s gonna be a little definitely different.
D: Mmm hmm.
K: Yeah.
D: Is there anything that no one has ever asked you that you’d really like someone to ask you or that you’d like people to know about you?
K: No, I, I really don’t think so. I mean, people have asked everything, it seems like, so I feel like everybody knows, if they want to, they know everything about me.
D: OK (laughs) Well, I mean I guess that goes with the territory.
K: yeah, no it’s great. I don’t have anything to hide, so.
D: That’s all OK with you and you’ve been handling all of that pretty well it seems.
K: Oh yeah. It’s been great.
D: Well, cool. Thank you again so much for your time.
K: absolutely. Thanks for talking to me.
D: We’re really excited to see you and I hope you enjoy Albuquerque
K: I will
D: Enjoy your time on the road.
K: Alright, thank you. Bye bye.

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